July 5, 2016 Sparda

What kind of website do I need?

Embarking on the journey to get a new website can be daunting. You don’t know the terminology. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know what you need. In fact, you don’t know even where to begin.

I’m here to help you figure it all out!
There is one main question you need to ask yourself first:

What do you want people to do once they land on your site?

This could be as simple as look around the site and learn about your business, or it could be you want them to buy products that you are selling, or contact you about services you offer. Once you know what your ultimate goal is for site visitors, then we can help you figure out the right site to meet your needs.

Most of our sites are WordPress sites and there’s a lot of flexibility and development options for sites within WordPress that can make it a simple project to a much more complicated one. Knowing your desired outcome is the first step in establishing what your site will need.

Other questions you might ask yourself:

What domain do I want?
How will I know if my site is working?
How often will I need to update it?
Will I want to do the updates myself, or will I have my developer do that?
Knowing the answers to these questions will guide you on the path to making informed decisions.

A few types of websites we can help you with:

This is a website that is mostly just for sharing information. You want people to come to your site to learn about you and services you offer, and possibly even contact you via a simple contact form. This is often the simplest type of website we do.
I want my users to be able to do something on my site, such as book an event, read and comment on my blog, become a member, etc. These can be fairly simple, or can be very complex depending on what your needs are.
This is a site where you are selling products and collecting payment for those products. This can be a simple site that has 10 products and accepts payments via Paypal, or a complex site that sells hundreds of products and offers multiple payment and shipping options.
Need help with your website? we’ll help you figure out what you need, make appropriate recommendations, and help you navigate the maze. Contact us for a quote today.